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Can I sell other people's music on Feiyr?

No, does not allow you to sell other people's music.

As a distribution platform we only offer you the possibility to sell your own songs. It is your responsibility to ensure that you own all rights to your songs. This includes excerpts or fragments of other songs, even if they are only one second long or contain individual voices from other works.

This includes making sure that you do not use copyrighted elements from other artists in your songs without the necessary permissions and written confirmations (contracts) from the relevant rights holders, such as record companies, publishers or artists.

There is a common misconception that registering a song with GEMA with excerpts of other songs (cover versions or remixes) automatically includes permission to publish. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You always need the consent and written confirmation (contract) of the respective rights holders, such as record companies, publishers or artists, to be allowed to publish the song.

Another rumour is that you are allowed to use e.g. 4 seconds (or a few bars) of each song. THIS IS NOT TRUE! There is no 4-second rule or anything like that. Any use of copyrighted works by other artists requires permission from the author or rights holder.

It is very important that you respect the copyrights of others and only post music that you have all the rights to. Copyright infringement can result in legal action. We recommend that you research the legal requirements and obtain permission to use other people's music before uploading songs to
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