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What is Phononet?

Phononet in the music sector:

Phononet is an important platform in the music sector that collects, stores and analyses comprehensive information on sales and streaming data of music releases. This data is provided by record labels, digital distribution companies such as and music services.

Main functions:

  • Data aggregation: collects sales and streaming data from multiple sources and provides a holistic view of performance.
  • Data analysis: Analyses trends and patterns, helps optimise marketing strategies.
  • Charts and Rankings: Creates charts of the most popular publications - important in the industry.
  • Reporting: Provides detailed reports for monitoring and informed decision-making.
  • Industry Network: A network of music professionals - promotes knowledge sharing.

Importance of Phononet:

Phononet provides reliable data on music releases and influences marketing, touring and release schedules of artists, record labels, digital distributors and aggregators.
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