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What is an audiobook distributor?

An audiobook distributor, such as, accepts audiobooks from authors and publishers and distributes them in digital and physical formats to audiobook retailers, libraries and other distribution channels. The distributor acts as a link between authors/publishers and distribution partners to ensure wide availability of audiobooks.

The role of the audiobook distributor includes

  • Distribution Network: The distributor has an extensive network of shops, platforms, libraries and more to distribute audiobooks.
  • Technical requirements: The distributor takes care of the technical details to ensure smooth playback on different platforms.
  • Licensing and rights: Assists with licensing and rights to ensure legal distribution.
  • Billing and reporting: The distributor handles billing and provides detailed sales reports.
  • Marketing and promotion: Some offer marketing services to increase visibility.

An audiobook distributor is important because it gives authors/publishers access to worldwide distribution channels without having to negotiate individually. This takes the pressure off them so they can concentrate on writing and producing. is one such distributor that allows audiobook creators to distribute their works widely. The platform works with several audiobook shops and offers extensive distribution options. This allows authors and publishers to reach a wide audience.
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