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What advertising opportunities does Feiyr offer for eBooks?

Headline Search Campaigns
Headline Search Campaigns are keyword-based ads on Amazon that can be displayed at the top of the 1st search results page. With Amazon Marketing you can place your articles in such a way that more potential buyers become aware of your publication.

Sponsored Products campaign
Sponsored Products are keyword-related ads on Amazon that are displayed within the search results. The ads are displayed to customers on all desktop and mobile devices, as well as in the Amazon app. When a shopper clicks on the ad, they are taken directly to the product page with all the product details.

Feiyr Link-it!
Feiyr Link-it! is a link generator that allows you to easily bundle multiple store links into just one link. This way you make it easier for your readers to buy your eBook from their favorite store. Download codes With our download codes you have the perfect tool for effective free promotions. You can use these codes for a newsletter promotion, Facebook sweepstakes or your next event.

Download codes
With our download codes you have the perfect tool for effective free promotions. You can use these codes for a newsletter promotion, Facebook sweepstakes or your next event.

Author homepages
You have the possibility to set up an author homepage for your authors at Feiyr for free. This shows your customers an overview of all important information and publications of your author. You can also use it as a CV to provide potential partners, bloggers and journalists with an appropriate source of information about your author.

Publisher's homepage
As the first point of contact for authors, bloggers, journalists and promoters, you need a publisher's homepage. It provides all the important information about your publishing company and makes it easy to get in touch with you and your team.

In-book promotion
The tool "In-Book-Promotion" offers you the option to automatically embed ads for other titles in your eBook on the last pages. You can store up to five additional eBooks per title. The titles do not have to be from the same author, but from the same publisher.

Press Release
Write your own professional press release and reach accredited trade journalists, registered industry decision makers and more than 10,000 visitors from all over the world. We send your press release to a worldwide distribution list so you can generate more reach for your eBook.
Click here for the National Press Release and the International Press Release

eBook Reviews | NetGalley
NetGalley is an easy-to-use tool that includes a network of book publishers, reviewers, media representatives, librarians, booksellers, self-publishers, bloggers, and educators. NetGalley helps publishers and self-publishers publicize new or unpublished titles. The community of professional readers is growing steadily. With Feiyr, you as a self-publisher or publisher can also benefit from this network.

Facebook promotion
Especially for self-publishers and indie authors, the biggest challenge after publication is to get the eBook noticed. Generate additional reach with a post on our Facebook pages and thus increase the
visibility of your eBook.
Here you can book a Facebook promotion bulletin, which will be posted by us after the release of your eBook.

Advertise price promotions | Book deals
You are planning a price promotion and want to advertise it effectively? Then Buchdeals is just the right thing for you!
Buchdeals is a platform that sends out newsletters tailored to its subscribers, in which eBooks are announced with price reductions. Here, the subscriber can specify in advance which genres interest them - so it is ensured that the announced eBook also ends up with someone who is interested in it.
The newsletter thus has a large, but also very effective reach.
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