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Can I upload a cover-version or a remix version?

A cover version is a new performance or recording of a previously recorded song. Neither the arrangement, nor the melody, the lyrics or the length of the original song can be changed.

If these conditions are met and the original song is registered with a collecting society, the new title can be released without permission.
However, the name of the songwriters as well as of the composers , of the publishers/publishing company must be entered into the corresponding boxes.

If the original work is not registered with a collecting society, and it is rearranged or changed in whatever form, the written consent and the permission from the copyright holder(s) are mandatory!
You should get permission to use copyright-protected material from all publishers, creators, authors, and composers involved.

GEMA or any other collecting society do not provide authorization!

Please make sure that you publish a real cover version (i.e. your own interpretation of the original) and not a so-called "sound alike", i.e. an identical-sounding version of the original.
"Sound alikes" are no longer accepted by the stores.

Creating mash-ups and DJ mixes for promotion is also not allowed.

Please note that you are solely responsible for your own account and liable for any claims for infringement of intellectual property rights.

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