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How does the audiobook billing work?

Settlement for the sale of an audiobook on platforms such as Audible works as follows:

  • An audiobook is purchased, and the sale price is the basis for calculating the used to calculate revenue.
  • The price is the gross revenue that the platform receives.
  • Audible deducts its share (50-70% of the sale price) as a fee for the platform, hosting, service, etc.
  • After deducting the shop's share, the net revenue, including VAT, remains.
  • The (e.g. Feiyr) deducts its share (usually 20%) from the net revenue.
  • The remaining amount is paid to the author/publisher - their earnings from the sale of the audio book.

Important: Percentages may vary depending on the contract. Authors/Publishers Receive regular statements of sales and revenue from the distributor. The distributor transfers the amounts according to the payment terms. This ensures transparent and efficient handling of the distribution process.
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