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What rights to the audio book are you giving away?

When you publish your audio book on, you transfer certain distribution rights to the distributor so that the audio book can be sold. All other rights remain with the author. In the case of audio books, there are often several parties involved, such as the author, the narrator and the recording studio.

Rights of use and ownership:
The copyrights belong to those who created the work, e.g. author, speaker and recording studio. It is therefore important to obtain usage rights from all parties involved. These allow you, as the publisher, to distribute the audio book and use it commercially.

Full rights of use and ownership:
With full rights of use, you become the rights owner of the audio book. This allows you to grant or license additional rights to the audio book. So you have control over the use and utilization.

Distribution rights for the distributor:
The distributor, e.g., needs distribution rights to offer the audio book in online shops and platforms
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