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What is title protection?

Title protection is the legal protection of a title or name for a literary work or product. It prevents other authors from using the same title and conflicts from arising.

Aspects of title protection:
  1. individual identification: authors are given the right to use their chosen title exclusively to avoid confusion.
  2. limited scope of protection: title protection often covers only the exact title and not the entire work.
  3. territorial limitations: Title protection varies from country to country due to national copyright laws.

Title protection regime:
In many countries, title protection is regulated by copyright law. The title should be prominently displayed, for example on the book cover. Title protection alone is often not enough to provide full legal security.

Title protection and When publishing eBooks on, title protection is important to avoid conflicts. Authors need to make sure that their title is unique. Research will help to avoid legal problems and not confuse readers.
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