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Can I upload a booklet for my audio book/audio play?

It is important that your publication can do without one. As most portals do not handle booklets, there is no option to upload one in the Feiyr account. However, if you would like to submit a booklet to the platforms that do, please contact support.

Please note that there are specific guidelines for the booklet.

  1. Format:
    • PDF format with a .pdf extension
    • At least 4 pages
    • No larger than 10 MB
    • All fonts must be embedded
    • 72 dpi minimum
    • 11 inches x 8.264 inches (28 cm x 21 cm)
    • RGB colour space
    • Horizontal page orientation
    • All images must be borderless.

  2. Content aspects:
    • When saving the PDF, make sure it opens in full screen and without borders.
    • If the booklet is multi-page, consider using fewer images or optimised images to meet the file size limit.
    • Print marks are not allowed
    • It is forbidden to offer additional products or services in the PDF booklet. It is also forbidden to refer to other promotional pages.
    • With the exception of the artist and/or label website, no hyperlinks may be included in the PDF booklet.
    • No information that is fixed in time. For example, dates of readings
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