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What is a text-to-speech audiobook?

A text-to-speech audiobook is an audiobook that automatically converts text into speech. This is done using a special technology called Text-to-Speech (TTS), which converts text into spoken words. This technology uses text-to-speech algorithms to convert written text into a natural or artificial voice.

A TTS audiobook allows people to hear text without having to read it themselves. It is particularly helpful for people with visual or reading impairments. With TTS, texts such as novels, non-fiction books, articles or other written content can be experienced in spoken form.

To create a TTS audio book, the text is broken down into small units such as letters, words or sentences. These units are then analysed by the TTS software and converted into speech. The quality of the speech produced can vary depending on the TTS system. Some systems use recorded human voices, while others use synthetic voices based on artificial intelligence.

Please note that not all platforms accept automated text-to-speech audiobooks for publication.
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