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Audiobook cover quality: requirements of Audible and audiobook portals

The cover of the audiobook must also meet certain requirements to be accepted by Audible and other stores.
The artwork for the audiobook is square and, in its digital format, is similar to the cover of a physical audiobook CD.

An audiobook cover must meet the following technical and qualitative requirements

  • Square, minimum 3000 x 3000 pixels to maximum 4000 x 4000 pixels, not upscaled.

  • The cover artwork must not be blurred or pixelated.

  • No white space

  • JPG file in RGB colour mode

  • At least 72 dpi

  • Title and subtitle must be included, as well as the authors and publishers mentioned in the metadata. The series and volume may be mentioned on the cover if they are also mentioned in the metadata

  • Images must not contain any information about length or format, URLs, codes, etc.

  • Additional logos or the name of the cover designer are not allowed

  • No pricing or information such as 'special price' or 'low price'

  • References to physical products are not allowed

  • No pornographic or offensive images

  • If the background is predominantly white, there should be a black border of 1 pixel at the outer edge

The cover of the audiobook may be different from the cover of your eBook or paperback and may look completely different, but we recommend using similar covers for recognition.
It is best to have your audiobook cover professionally designed.
If you need help creating your audiobook cover, you can always contact us from your Feiyr account at Graphics and Design to create an audiobook cover. This way, there is nothing stopping you from distributing and selling your audiobooks on Audible.
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