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How much money can I earn with my audiobook on Audible and Co?

As a distributor of audiobooks and audioplays, we unfortunately cannot give you any definite information on how much money you will earn with your audiobook.
The amount of your remuneration depends on various factors, such as the length of your audio book, the type of subscription of the listeners and the region in which the audio book is sold.

However, we would like to give you some basic details as transparently as possible. So that you get an idea of how your audiobook revenues are generated.
Basically, your audiobook revenues are generated from the income of four business models:

  1. Download (direct purchase, e.g. at Audible)

  2. Flat-Subscription (e.g. at Spotify)

  3. Subscription (e.g. with Audible subscription)

  4. Library lending (rather specialist and publisher audiobooks)

Business model "download":
The purchase price of an audiobook is always considered as the basis for calculating revenue if the listener buys the audiobook with a fixed price in an audiobook shop. But most listeners have a subscription with one or more providers, which is why comparatively few audiobooks are purchased at a fixed price.

Business model "flat subscription":
You get paid from a revenue pool containing everyone's revenue from the cosponsoring platform. The sum is calculated according to the streams of your audio book. With Spotify, for example, it is around 0.004 euros per stream.

Business model "subscription":
Works similarly to the flat subscription, except that in this case eather a very limited selection is provided for the monthly fee or only a limited amount of releases is free per month and they receive other releases at a discount, as is the case with Audible. Your share results from the total pool x audio book price x factor xyz. The more expensive your audio book, the more you earn.

Business model "libraries":
This model is rather uninteresting for small publishers and self-publishers.
All income from the shops represents the gross revenues. From these gross revenues, the shops deduct their share (roughly between 50-70%). This results in the net revenue including VAT. The distributors deduct their share from this net revenue. What remains is your share, i.e. what goes into your Feiyr account.

At Feiyr, we guarantee you fair compensation and make sure that you get a fair return for your work.
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