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What does the VG Wort do?

VG Wort is a collecting society responsible for administering the rights of authors, translators and publishers.
It is one of the largest collecting societies for copyright claims in Germany and was founded to ensure that authors are adequately remunerated for the exploitation of their works.

VG Wort collects fees for the use of works such as eBooks and audio books in electronic media as well as schools, libraries, businesses and public institutions and distributes these funds to the entitled authors.
VG Wort protects and promotes the interests of authors. It also ensures that authors receive fair remuneration for their work.

To register with the VG Wort, you must be a member entitled to remuneration.
To do this, you must apply for membership and register your works with VG Wort. VG Wort offers an online platform where you can apply for membership and register your works.

It is important to note that VG Wort is not a publishing company and does not offer Publishing services. It is only responsible for protecting the copyrights of members and ensuring that they receive appropriate remuneration for the exploitation of their works.
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