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Reset Account Data

If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your account, or if your date of birth is incorrect, you can reset your account details here.

  1. Enter the email address or username of your Feiyr account, as well as your first and last name and company name, if applicable.
    Important The data must be entered as it is stored in your Feiyr account.

  2. Upload your ID card (last name, first name and date of birth visible) as .png, .jpg or .pdf.

  3. Enter your new data to change them in your Feiyr account.

  4. After successful verification (up to 5 working days), you will receive an email if the reset was successful.

  5. If the reset was successful, you can reset your password here to regain access to your account.


  • When resetting the account data, MFA will also be deactivated, and must be set up again.

  • All data in the reset form must exactly match the data in your Feiyr account in order to match the account.

  • All documents, such as your ID card, must be uploaded in legible quality.
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