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Dance All Day Musicvertriebs GmbH has claimed my video, what should I do?

Your content on YouTube is claimed by Dance All Day, as Feiyr is owned by Dance All Day Musicvertriebs GmbH.
In this case, you have activated the YouTube Content ID in the Feiyr account during the publishing process. As a result, your own uploads will be claimed in the same way as any other content uploaded to YouTube by other users.

How can I resolve this issue?

These are your options:

  1. Let the claim continue. YouTube will then charge the potential revenue directly to your Feiyr account at the appropriate rates. You can simply ignore the claim and the notifications in your YouTube account, and they will have no negative impact on your YouTube account.

  2. You accidentally activated the YouTube Content ID and want to remove it? You can manage the Content ID settings for your Feiyr Account here.

  3. You monetise your videos yourself or they are being discussed and promoted on another channel. Then add the channel in question BEFORE publishing the approval list here.

To remove the claim, send the relevant video URL to our support.
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