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Content ID

The YouTube Content ID is a digital fingerprint that is sent to YouTube when you activate the YouTube Content ID for your tracks in your Feiyr account.

These fingerprints are used to search the entire YouTube platform for matches, and for any video that matches all or part of your track, YouTube will automatically generate a claim on your behalf (from Dance All Day/Feiyr) for that video.

However, YouTube's Content ID cannot distinguish between authored and non-authored (or "illegally" uploaded) content. Therefore, claims can also be made against videos on your own YouTube channel. You can no longer monetise these either. This creates a claim. However, 80% of the revenue from the claims will still go to your Feiyr account.

If you do not want these claims, do NOT dispute them, but simply deactivate the Content ID in your Feiyr account under YouTube Content ID
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