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How much do I earn per song?

How much you earn from your track depends on several factors.
On digital distribution platforms such as iTunes, Amazon or Beatport, musicians typically receive around 70% of the sale price.
For example, if you sell your track for 0,99 €, you will receive 70%, or 0,69 € if the sale is successful.
This does not include any cut for labels or distributors.

Streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Prime, TikTok, Facebook, etc. do not directly pay musicians for the sale of their music.
They are paid a percentage based on the number of streams your track generates. The exact payment per stream varies depending on the platform, the country where the music is streamed and the type of subscription the listener has. On average, you will be paid between €0.003 and €0.005 per stream.
This does not take into account royalties to labels or distributors.

But you can earn money not only by selling or people streaming your track. You can also earn money from live performances, merchandising and royalties from the use of your music in films, TV programs and commercials. You work with collecting societies to do this.

With Feiyr, you will receive regular royalties from the platforms mentioned above and many more when your track is sold or streamed.
You can also get an overview of the sales/streams of your track in the statistics.
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