How much do I earn per song?

Basically it depends on each shop, its product range, country and currency. There are some stores like Juno Download or iTunes, who onyl offer full downloads. Others like Napster or Spotify offer streaming or full downloads and streaming.

For full downloads profit is around 0,35€ and 0,70€ for each track purchased. For subscription models like Spotify, it depends on the number of subscriptions and how often your track is played. In most of the cases, the revenue per stream is clearly lower than 0,10€.

For example:

iTunes sells your track for €0,99.

This retail price includes:

- Technical costs
- Payment service costs
- Collecting societies (GEMA, SACEM, MCPS, AKM, SUISA, ...)
- Profit for iTunes/Feiyr

Your payout will be around €0,60.
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