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RC024: Missing Remixer Entry

Missing remixer entry.

To ensure a link to the remixer's artist profile in the stores, the remixer must be entered in the track-data under "Contributors".
To add a remixer to the contributors of your release, follow these steps:

1. Click on "MUSIC" in your Feiyr account on the left.
2. Select "Releases"
3. Click on the edit icon in the last column called "Tasks"
4. Go to step 4 "Track Upload", search for the track in the "Existing Tracks" column and click on "Edit" on the right
5. Scroll down the form to "More Contributors"
6. Select the role "Remixer" from the dropdown menu and add it by clicking on the "+" at the end of the line
7. A new line appears in which you can either select an existiing contributor or create a new one Add the remixer. In this example: "DJ XYZ"
8. The remix must also be clearly marked in the version field above, for example:
Title: 123
Version: DJ XYZ Remix
9.Check in the field "Displayed title" whether the whole thing looks like this: "123 (DJ XYZ Remix)"
10. When you have entered all the information, remember to save the track data.
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