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In which format can I get my book printed?

We are very flexible when it comes to the format of your book, as long as it isn’t bigger than our biggest format or smaller than the minimum format every size, even special formats, can get printed.
The smallest permitted size is A6 the biggest one A4, all sizes in between can get printed.
You can choose from hardcover and softcover:


- Thread stitching
- Curved or straight saddle
- Spine width: at least 7mm/at the most 60mm


- Adhesive binding PUR, adhesive binding hotmelt, thread stitching, saddle stitching
- Spine width: at least 3mm/at the most 60mm

Note: The size you select should be well thought out, a special format may have a visual advantage. However, the classic sizes such as A4, A5, A6 a cheaper in the production. Of course it is entirely up to you which size you select!
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