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When do I get paid?

Feiyr usually invoices you monthly. This means that you are regularly informed of the sales you have made, and your earnings are paid accordingly.

However, it is important to note that due to the large number of sales platforms Feiyr works with, there may be some variations in the invoicing periods. Hundreds of different platforms have different payment schedules, such as quarterly, half-yearly or annually. These schedules are set by the respective sales platforms, such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple, etc. has no influence on these individual billing processes at the sales platforms. Transfers are made according to the payment agreements and specifications of the platforms.

We strive to give you a transparent overview of your sales and earnings. We regularly inform you of your sales figures and you can view your earnings in your Feiyr account. Your Feiyr account also gives you access to Live Trends, which are transmitted by some sales platforms with a delay of a few days
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