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Where will my books get listed?

At Feiyr, we list your books in a variety of distribution channels to ensure they are accessible to a wide readership. Here are some of the main wholesale catalogues and directories where we list your titles:

  • Zeitfracht (KNV): Your books will be listed in the Koch, Neff & Volckmar (KNV) catalogue. Zeitfracht is one of the largest book wholesalers in the German-speaking world, supplying bookshops, online retailers and other outlets.

  • Libri: We ensure that your books are listed in the Libri catalogue. Libri is one of the leading book wholesalers in Germany, supplying bookshops, online booksellers and other outlets.

  • Umbreit: Your books will be listed in the Umbreit catalogue. Umbreit is another major book wholesaler, supplying books to bookshops and other outlets.

  • Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB): We will ensure that your books are listed in the VLB. The VLB is a comprehensive directory that provides booksellers, libraries and others in the book industry with information about available books.

  • Swiss Book Centre: Your books will also be listed in the Swiss Book Centre. The Swiss Book Centre is a major book wholesaler in Switzerland and ensures that your titles are available in bookshops and online shops in Switzerland.

This is just a selection of the distributors we work with to ensure your books are available everywhere. For a full list of the distributors whose catalogues we carry, please visit our website.
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