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Why are audible’s payouts so low?

There are several factors that can lead to lower billing by Audible. First, it's important to understand that it makes a difference whether your release is purchased through direct sales or subscription.

If your audiobook or audio drama is purchased directly from Audible, you will receive 80% of the net revenue that we receive and collect. This means that the sale price is calculated after all taxes, profits, fees and commissions have been deducted, and you receive 80% of that. It is possible that various factors such as advertising costs, publishing costs or other deductions may result in a lower net revenue.

However, if your audiobook or audio drama is purchased as part of an Audible subscription, the net download price is weighted by a factor called the subscription factor. The subscription factor is a weighting that considers the value of the download in relation to the direct sale price. This means that the revenue from the sale of an audiobook as part of a subscription may be lower than for a direct sale.

The exact billing terms and subscription factors may vary from time to time and are subject to Audible's terms and conditions. Therefore, the actual amounts you receive from Audible for your sales may change from time to time.

Please note that Feiyr has no control over the specific calculations of sales platforms such as Audible. When the platform, such as Audible, submits its invoice to, this value is used as the basis for invoicing. then applies the agreed 80/20 rule to this value. In principle, only settles the money that has been invoiced and collected by the platforms.
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