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Is there a fixed-price for eBooks?

Yes, there is a fixed price for eBooks. Since 01.09.2016, an amendment to the Price Maintenance Act has been in force, which explicitly enshrines fixed prices for electronic books (eBooks) in law.

Fixed prices also apply to cross-border sales of eBooks. This means that the sales price of an eBook must be the same for all sales channels.

At Feiyr, we offer eBooks at a single price that you can freely choose during the publishing process. When you update the price, it is reliably passed on to all partner stores.

The fixed book price for eBooks is designed to ensure fair competition and a fair distribution opportunity for all publishers and authors. It is designed to ensure that eBooks are available to consumers at a fair price, regardless of the distribution channel.

For more information on the fixed price for eBooks and the legislation, please visit our website or contact the relevant authorities.
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