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How do I get paid profits from my sales?

You can request a payout as soon as you reach the minimum payment threshold of €25.

  1. To request a payout, log in to your account, click on the $ icon in the top right navigation and click on “Payout”.

  2. Choose between bank transfer or PayPal.

    • Payment via bank transfer: Provide your bank data
    • Payment via PayPal: This option will be available after you have transferred at least €12 from your PayPal account to your Feiyr account. In this way, your PayPal address will be automatically saved.

  3. After selecting a payment method, please select the amount to be paid. If the amount you select is greater than €250, the €2,50 fee will not be applied.

  4. Submit your request so that we can process it.

Please plan for a processing time of up to seven working days (Mon-Fri) for the withdrawal request to appear as paid in your account.
Once the transfer appears as paid in your account, it has been transferred by Feiyr to your chosen withdrawal option.

Unfortunately, we have no influence on the transfer and processing times of the respective countries and their responsible banks.
Please allow a total of 10-14 days for processing, depending on the financial service provider.

Now you go and get your profits!
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