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How can I determine the distribution rights for my eBook?

At you have full control over the distribution rights of your eBook. You have the option to set the distribution rights on a per-title basis, so that you can decide per publication at which price, in which countries or shops you want to distribute your eBook.

The advantages of distribution rights on a per-title basis are as follows:

  1. Individual control: You retain flexibility and control over each individual title. This means that for each of your eBooks you can determine separately which distribution strategy is best for that work.

  2. Pricing: You can set the selling price for each eBook individually. This gives you the opportunity to make price adjustments in order to run special promotions, discounts or actions.

  3. Geographical restrictions: If you want to restrict certain geographical areas for the distribution of your eBook, you have the possibility to select countries or regions in which your eBook should be available.

  4. Shop selection: You can select in which online shops your eBook is offered. This allows you to increase the reach and offer your work in the most relevant sales channels.

You have all the details and options for distribution rights to choose from during the publishing process at

As a self-publisher, all copyrights remain with you! You retain full rights to your work and decide for yourself how it is distributed. only acts as a distribution platform and supports you in publishing your eBook in the desired shops and countries.
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