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Is it possible to lend my eBook after it has been released?

Yes, at we also offer eBook rental. We supply platforms such as Onleihe, readfy and Skoobe with eBooks to extend their reach and generate additional revenue.

Benefits of rental for authors:

  1. increased reach: your eBooks will reach a wider readership on platforms such as Onleihe, readfy and Skoobe, increasing the visibility of your books.

  2. additional income: You earn through lending in addition to direct sales. Payment is based on the number of loans or the contract.

Delayed availability for lending:
Your eBooks are not available for rental immediately after publication. They will only be available in rental stores such as Onleihe, readfy and Skoobe 12 months after publication on

Choice for authors:
You can choose whether or not to make your eBooks available in these rental stores. You retain control over your distribution channels.
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