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How can I know if my eBook has a “reflowable” or a “fixed layout”?

Reflowable Layout

Are eBooks that to the greatest part contain of text and have a "simple" design. The contend will be automatically adjusted to the display size and the preferences of the readers.

ePUB 2
Are eBooks that manly contain text and aren’t designed too complex. Off course there can also be other content contained in them, such as pictures tables or text boxes.
This type of layout is supported by all our partner shops.

ePUB 3
In ePUB 3 –files, additionally to text and pictures, audio and video files can be used and embedded fonts. This format works very well for content that is crated with multimedia files.
This type of layout is supported by all our partner shops.

Fixed Layout

This Layout is for titels with multilingual Layout, a lot of pictures or a complex design. eBooks in fixed layout do not adjust to the preferences or the display size of the readers.

ePUB 3
If the ePUB file is similar to the buildup of your printed Book, please choose this layout.

To publish your eBook as a fixed layout, you have to upload your content as ePUB 3 file in fixed layout as well as PDF file. Additionally you need three thumbnails, which should give you a short insight into the content of your eBook. The following formats are accepted:

1024x768 px
1024x748 px
768x1024 px
768x1004 px
2048x1536 px
2048x1496 px
1536x2048 px
1536x2008 px
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