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Where can I upload my audio book/radio play in your system?

At Feiyr you can easily create your audio book or radio play in our system. There are special categories for this, which consider the special features of these formats.

  1. Click on "New Publication" in the top left-hand corner of the menu bar.

  2. Select your format (audio book/radio play) and click on "Create New Publication”.

  3. Create your audio book/radio play under "Release Data”.

  4. Drag and drop your audio files into the window and enter your audio data during the upload process.

  5. Select the tracks for your audio book/radio play and put them in the order you want them. Upload your cover artwork here (minimum size: 3000x3000 px).

  6. Review your audio book/radio play to ensure the files and data are correct. You can also select or deselect certain shop partners and countries. Once you have checked everything carefully, submit your release to the platforms.
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