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Does Feiyr offer copy protection?

Yes, Feiyr offers copy protection for eBooks. We use soft DRM (Digital Rights Management) or watermarking to protect your eBook.

Soft DRM allows us to insert an invisible marker into your eBook that allows us to identify the author. This makes it more difficult to copy and distribute your eBook without permission. This copy protection is designed to ensure that your intellectual property is protected and cannot be distributed or copied without your permission.

It is important to note that as the author of your eBook, you automatically own the copyright to your work. This copyright allows you to decide how your eBook is distributed and used. Feiyr helps you to maintain your copyright and protect your eBook from unauthorised access.

Some eBook readers have problems playing eBooks with hard DRM. This is why we use soft DRM to ensure compatibility with different readers and platforms. Soft DRM provides a balanced solution that protects the eBook while allowing it to be read on different devices.

Please note that copy protection is not absolute and can be circumvented by technically savvy users. Nevertheless, copy protection is an important barrier to prevent unauthorised copying and distribution of your eBook.
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