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How long does it take before my eBook is available in all the stores?

The availability of your eBook in all stores depends on the publishing date you choose. Once you have published your eBook, it will be available in the stores from the date you specify.

It is important to note that there is a lead time that should be taken into account when planning. We recommend a minimum lead time of 2 weeks. This will allow enough time to publish the eBook to the various stores and ensure that it is available at the desired time.

The exact time it takes for the eBook to be available in all stores can vary and depends on multiple factors such as the stores' turnaround time and technical requirements. Feiyr works closely with its partner stores to ensure that your eBook goes live as smoothly as possible.

We recommend that you set your publication date well in advance and allow sufficient time for preparation and publication. This will ensure that your eBook is available in all stores on time and can be found by potential readers.
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