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Will my eBook be checked once again before it is released?

Yes, before publication your eBook goes through a quality check on the portals. This ensures the technical quality and compliance with the formatting guidelines.
Important aspects are checked in the process:

  • Formatting: The formatting of your eBook must comply with industry standards and e-reader requirements to ensure optimal presentation.
  • Cover: The cover is checked for quality and professionalism.
  • Metadata: Title, author, description and keywords are checked for better findability.
  • Interactivity: Multimedia elements such as images are checked.

  • Not checked:
    Content quality, spelling and grammar are not checked. This is your responsibility as author or editor.

    Further procedure:
    If your eBook passes the test, it will be published. It will be sold through online shops and distribution channels.

    The check guarantees professional design and reader-friendliness. Pay attention to the quality of the content and use the video tutorial for questions.
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