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eBook Refusal-Code 009 – Missing Keywords

If you have received rejection code 009, it means that your eBook does not contain enough keywords to be successfully delivered. It is important that your eBook contains relevant keywords to improve searchability in online shops and to attract potential readers to your work.

Why are keywords important for publishing my eBook?
Keywords are words or phrases that describe the content and themes of your eBook. They play a crucial role in the visibility and findability of your work on online shops and in search engines. By using keywords, readers can find your eBook more easily when searching for specific topics or interests. The better the keywords are tailored to your work, the more likely it is to be discovered by the right audience.

How many keywords should I use and how are they entered?
A minimum of five keywords are required to successfully publish your eBook. It is recommended that you use a variety of relevant keywords to maximise searchability. You can choose keywords that reflect the most important aspects of your eBook, such as genre, plot, main themes, target audience, author, setting and more. To enter the keywords, simply separate them with a comma followed by a space. This will ensure that they are entered correctly and displayed correctly in the online stores
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