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EBook Refusal-Code 003 – Commercial links and ads are not allowed

We want to ensure that the eBooks on our platform comply with the applicable guidelines and provide a pleasant user experience. Therefore, it is important that no commercial links or advertisements are included in the eBooks. This applies to the cover, the product description and the eBook file itself.
In addition to commercial links and promotional content, there is other information that is not accepted by our partner stores. This includes

  • Price quotes: For both physical and digital products, prices may not be included in the eBooks. Prices should only be displayed on the platforms of our partner stores to avoid confusion.

  • Mention of download stores or rental services: The names of download stores or rental sites such as Amazon or Skoobe may not be mentioned in the eBooks. This is to ensure a neutral platform for publishing eBooks and to avoid any form of self-promotion.

To ensure that your eBook meets the guidelines and is accepted, we ask that you remove the above information from your text, cover and eBook file. Once you have done this, you can resubmit your eBook and be sure that it complies with the guidelines.
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