eBook Refusal-Code 001 – Your cover artwork does not meet our guidelines

Please have in mind that our partner-shops set special focus on the appearance of the delivered eBooks, considering this your cover should look professional.

Following points should not be contained on your cover:
• The artwork should not be blurry or pixelated
• Home-made or self-made covers are not allowed
• It is not allowed to place Links on your cover
• No price information such as “low price” or “special offer”
• Do not refer to a physical product
• Pornographic images (even to little extend) are not permitted
• It is only allowed to show the authors name, the title and subtitle.
• Logos, the name of the cover designer, or barcodes are not permitted

Please upload a new edited version of your cover with your eBook.
If you haven’t got a fitting cover, we would gladly create one for you. You can find more detailed information in your user account under eBook Tools.