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eBook Refusal-Code 001 – Your cover artwork does not meet our guidelines

We would like to point out that the appearance of the eBooks delivered is very important to our partner stores. It is therefore vital that the covers look professional and appealing. To ensure your eBook is accepted, please follow these cover/artwork guidelines:

  • No blurry images: The cover/artwork should be clear and crisp. Avoid blurred or pixelated images.

  • No homemade covers: Homemade or self-made covers are not allowed. It is important that the cover is professionally designed to make a positive impression on potential readers.

  • No internet links: Placing internet links on the cover is not allowed. The cover should be free of any URLs or other external references.

  • No price quotes or special offers: The cover must not contain any pricing information such as "special price" or "low price".

  • No references to physical products: The cover should not contain any references to physical products. It should only show the author, title and subtitle of the eBook.

  • No pornographic images: Any form of pornography, even rudimentary, is not allowed on the cover.

  • No additional logos or barcodes: The cover should contain only the author, title and subtitle of the eBook. Avoid using additional logos, the name of the cover designer, or barcodes on the cover.

We therefore ask you to create a new, revised cover/artwork for your eBook and publish it again. It is important that the cover meets the above guidelines to ensure it is accepted by our partner stores.

If you don't have a suitable cover or need help creating one, we offer the option of having a cover created by our graphic team. You can find more information about this in your account under "eBook Tools".
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