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RC018: Continuous DJ Mix

For a "Continuous DJ Mix" there are certain requirements that need to be met.

  1. title: The title of the mix must include the name of the release and be clearly marked as "Continuous DJ Mix" in the version field.
  2. performer: Either the DJ who created the mix or alternatively "Various Artists" must be entered as the performer.
  3. single purchase: A "Continuous DJ Mix" can only exist on a release that contains the same tracks as this mix for single purchase.
  4. parts of the mix: If the mix consists of several parts, these must be indicated in the track title with the addition "- , Pt. 1 - , Pt. 2 -" etc. The order of the tracks within each part of the mix must correspond exactly to the order of the tracks on the release.

Adherence to these requirements is important to ensure clear identification and correct presentation of the "Continuous DJ Mix". By correctly identifying the mix in the title and naming the correct artist, clear attribution is possible. In addition, the correct design of the parts of the mix allows for seamless integration into the overall work and ensures that the tracks are presented in the correct order.

Note that a continuous DJ mix should not be released on more than one release.
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