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What is a UGC - 3rd Party Compilation?

UGC in “UGC - 3rd Party Compilations” stands for user-generated content. This means that you have the possibility to add other users’ tracks to your UGC – 3rd Party Compilation.

You need written permission from labels owning copyright to the tracks you want to use. Labels will read your "license request" in their own accounts and will be able to accept or reject it.

If your compilation generates profits, they will be automatically paid to each user’s account (i.e. involved licensors). You do not have to worry about anything.

This is how it works:

1. Tap "Create UGC – 3rd Party Compilation" and create a new compilation.
2. Go to unreleased “UGC - 3rd Party Compilations” and upload your cover.
3. Tap "Edit songs of this bundle".
4. Under "available tracks" you will see all the tracks that have been enabled for 3rd party compilations (not all artists and labels give their approval).
5. Create a release and release it.
6. After your release has been released, a license request will be automatically sent to each user whose track is affected.
7. Involved Feiyr users have to accept or reject your request within 14 days.
8. After two weeks, your “UGC – 3rd Party Compilation” will be sent back to your account with unreleased status.
9. Tap "Edit tracks of this bundle" and remove all rejected tracks (crossed out in red). You can only release your compilation when all rejected tracks have been removed.
If there have been no rejected tracks you can directly publish your compilation.
10. If you add other tracks, your compilation will undergo the same approval process.
11. Sales will be proportionally paid to the accounts of all users involved (i.e. the licensors of the tracks). You do not have to worry about anything.
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