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RC020: Soundtracks, film music and musicals

Soundtracks, film music, television music and musicals have specific naming and labelling requirements. Please refer to the following guidelines:

  1. Album title suffix: Soundtracks and musicals must include a specific suffix in the album title to clearly identify their release type. Use one of the following:

    • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Use this version if it is the original soundtrack of a film or musical. Example: "Forrest Gump (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)".
    • Original Score: Use this version if it is the original composition of the film or musical. Example:
      "Happy Feet (Original Score)".

Please note that the abbreviation "O.S.T." (Original Soundtrack) is not allowed.

  1. track title: If the tracks on a release are not all from a single soundtrack or musical, the track title must indicate the origin of the work. Use the title of the song followed by an indication of which film or musical it is from. For example: "Make 'Em Laugh (From 'Singin' in the Rain')" or "Fast Streets of Shanghai (From 'Indiana Jones and the
    Temple of Doom')".

  2. bundle artist/performer: If all the tracks on a soundtrack or music bundle are by a single composer, that composer should be listed as the release's artist or performer. For example:

    • Bundle title: "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)".
    • Bundle Artist/Performer: "John Williams".

If your track is not a soundtrack, film music, TV music or musical, please do not select Soundtrack as the genre, but select another genre that matches your track.
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