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What should I pay attention to when setting my ePUB data?

Online shops have seveal requirements concerning eBooks. In order for your eBook to be available everywhere, you should pay attention to the following points:


- Metadata and data on your cover must coincide.
- Respect English grammar and spelling.
- The description in your metadata must contain at least 200 characters.


- Tables, columns and text boxes don’t show correctly in ePUB files. Please save them as images and insert them into your document later on.
- Use one font only for the whole text and make sure your title is H1 and your subtitle is H2.
- Most of eReaders render color texts in grayscale.
Include an index with at least two entries. Without an index your eBook can’t be published.
- Do not insert too many newlines, as most of eReaders display them as empty pages.
- Do not include headlines and footers.
- Licensing terms and copyright notice must be included.

Your ePUB data must not contain the following elements:
- Advertising and shop-links
- Price indications

Prohibited content:
- Right-wing extremist content;
- Content that advocates against an individual, group or organization;
- Copyrighted material;
- Violent content;
- Weapon-related content.

Cover Artwork/Images

Please note: the size of the cover uploaded separately and the size of the cover in the ePub file are different.

- Your cover/back-cover must have one side of min. 3000 pixels (max. 5000 pixels) and a resolution of 300 dpi.

- Add your cover/back-cover as a "flexible image" in your ePub file. The image should be 625 x 1000 pixels.

- Please center all pictures in your ePub file and do not add too many or too big images (max. 500 pixels).

Please keep this in mind when you create your eBook:
If you don‘t have a cover, our graphic designers can design one for you. Click here to contact graphic-team

As soon as your ePUB data are ready, validate them in order to be sure that there aren’t any errors. Erroneous data cannot be delivered.
Here you can find a free ePUB-validator

Should you have any further queries, please contact our Support-Team.
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