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Is it possible to exclude certain shops?

Yes, on you have the option to select or deselect individual stores before publishing your eBook, depending on whether you want to deliver to them via Feiyr or not.

Why might it be important to deselect certain stores?
There are several reasons why you might want to deselect certain stores:

  1. exclusive publication: if you want to publish your eBook exclusively in a particular shop or on the platform, you can exclude other shops. Exclusive publishing can be part of a marketing strategy to offer special promotions, discounts or marketing campaigns.

  2. geographical restrictions: You can exclude certain stores for distribution in certain countries to limit the availability of your eBook geographically or to offer it only in certain regions.

  3. personalised distribution strategy: you may want to develop a personalised distribution strategy and offer your eBooks in selected stores that are particularly relevant to your target audience.

How do I select or deselect shops before publishing?
During the publishing process at, the various shops that can be supplied via Feiyr are displayed in the last step. Here you can select or deselect individual shops with a single click. If you select a shop, your eBook will be available in that shop. If you exclude a shop, your eBook will not be offered in that shop and its subshops.

Please note that once you have published your eBook, you will not be able to change your selection on.
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