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RC014: Spelling

It is important to pay attention to spelling in any language to ensure that your publication is presented in a professional and error-free manner. Here are some important spelling points to remember:

  1. Transposed letters: Please check carefully if you have accidentally transposed any letters. Sometimes small mistakes like this can result in a completely different meaning or pronunciation. Make sure the letters are in the correct order.

  2. Forgotten letters: Make sure you have not forgotten any letters. Missing letters can affect the meaning and readability. Take time to check all words carefully.

  3. Upper and lower case: Make sure you use the correct upper and lower case in your publication. Depending on the language, certain words may be capitalised or lower-cased to be grammatically correct. Pay particular attention to names, titles or special terms that may require a particular spelling.

  4. Spaces: Pay attention to the correct use of spaces between words. Check that spaces are in the right places and that there are no unnecessary or missing spaces.
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