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What is an album, a compilation, a single?

Singles, albums and compilations can have different functions and purposes in music distribution. While singles aim to showcase a specific song, albums offer a more comprehensive experience and compilations allow listeners to explore different artists or genres.
Prices vary according to size and content, with singles usually cheaper than albums.

What is a single?
A single is usually a release consisting of a single song. However, it can also contain two or three alternative mixes and versions of the song. Singles are often designed to promote a particular song and grab listeners' attention. Because of their compact form, they offer a brief and concise insight into an artist's style and musical direction.

What is an album?
An album, is a more comprehensive compilation of an artist's songs. It offers the opportunity to present a wider range of styles, genres and emotions. An album can contain between eight and fifteen (or more) songs and offers the listener a musical journey through the artist's creative world. Usually, albums are conceived as cohesive works in which the songs have a specific order and may be thematically or sonically related.

What is a compilaton?
A compilation, is a collection of music from a particular genre, various artists, or musical era. They can also reflect specific themes or moods. They can be a great way to explore different styles of music or discover musical themes or trends.
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