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Where will my eBooks be sold/published?

You can sell and publish your eBooks on over 150 sites. These include the best-known and most popular platforms such as Amazon, Thalia and Apple Books. By publishing your eBooks on multiple sites, you can reach a broad audience and make your books available to a wide range of readers. Each site has its own user base and offers different features and ways to promote and sell your eBooks.
To get an overview of our partners and the platforms on which your eBooks will be published and offered, you can select the "Partners" section on and then click on "eBook Partners". There you will find a list of partner portals that offer your eBooks.
This variety of distribution partners gives you the opportunity to present your books in different markets and countries, reaching potential readers all over the world. Each service has its own sales terms and requirements, so it is important to familiarise yourself with their policies and procedures.
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