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Can I publish my book as eBook?

Yes, you can! You can publish and sell your book as an eBook. At we make it possible for authors and publishers to publish their work in eBook form and make it available to a wide audience. If you own the copyright to your book or have permission to publish it, all doors are open to you.

Publishing your book as an eBook has many advantages:

  1. Accessibility: eBooks can be read on a variety of devices and platforms, including e-readers, tablets, smartphones and computers. Readers can enjoy your book anytime, anywhere.

  2. Low production costs: Compared to printed books, publishing an eBook usually requires lower production costs. There are no printing costs and you can easily update or correct the eBook as needed.

  3. Publish quickly: Publishing as an eBook allows you to get your work to market quickly and easily. You can publish in a short time and start selling immediately.

  4. Global reach: eBooks have a global reach as they are accessible through online platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Tolino, Apple iBooks and others. This gives you the opportunity to reach readers all over the world.

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