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What do I need to publish my eBook through Feiyr?

To publish your own book as an eBook on Feiyr, you need the following things:

  1. eBook in ePUB format: We need your eBook in ePUB format as this is the most common format for eBooks. It allows for flexible adaptation to different e-readers and mobile devices. If you do not already have the eBook in ePUB format, you can provide us with a Word file to convert to ePUB.

  2. Cover in JPG format: You will need a cover for your eBook in JPG format. The cover should be at least 3,000 pixels on one side. An attractive and professionally designed cover is important to attract potential readers and generate interest in your eBook. Our graphics team can also create a cover to match your eBook.

Within your ePUB file, the cover needs to be saved as a cover. This means that the cover should be inserted into the file as an actual cover, not just an image. The cover should be 625 x 1000 pixels or larger, depending on the proportions.

Please note that we cannot embed the cover for you. You must ensure that the cover is correctly embedded in the ePUB file.

If your eBook is a fixed layout eBook, you will need to upload a PDF file of the eBook in addition to the ePUB file. Three thumbnail images are also required. These thumbnails must be in JPG format and have specific dimensions, namely 1024x768, 1024x748, 768x1024, 768x1004, 2048x1536, 2048x1496, 1536x2048 or 1536x2008 pixels. Other sizes are not supported. Please ensure that each preview image shows a different section of your eBook and that the cover is not saved as a preview image again.

For more information on how to create your eBook, watch the video.
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