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Track and Remixers

Please read this text to avoid possible mistakes.

If your track is a remix, you must enter the remixer name in the apposite field. This applies to title versions of your tracks as well as to remixer field. Here you can't enter anything that is not in the title version of your tracks already.

For example: your track has the title "Sunflower" and the version is called "DJ Mike Edit". "DJ Mike" is the remixer and has to be entered in the remixer field accordingly.

Your track is named "Soundflower" and the track version is called "DJ Mike Edit". “DJ Mike” is the remixer of this track and must be entered in the remixer field.

If your track is just a different version of the original and not a remix (e.g. “Radio Edit”, “Instrumental Version”, “Club Mix”, …), you do not have to fill the remixer field.
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