Artists for Tracks

Please read this text thoroughly! By doing so you can avoid possible mistakes.

Please re-enter the name of your performer(s). Here you cannot insert any data you have not inserted before in the performer field. If your track is performed by one artist only, just write his/her name again in the performer field. If there are several performing artists, enter each name separately with their appropriate performer role. Our system will automatically suggest the appropriate performer role according to the artist created. For example: If you have “Madonna feat. Lady Gaga” as an artist, "Madonna" will be shown as a perfomer and Lady Gaga as a “featuring” artist.

Why is it like that?
The artist you’ve created defines how your track is listed in the shops. To allow better search results, you have to enter the artists separately.

Attention: if you enter a performer that is included in the artist name above, your release will be automatically rejected.
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