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How can I sell my music on Beatport?

In order to publish your music on Beatport , your label needs a successful label application.

Check your music genres
Beatport specializes in publishing electronic music. So before applying, check whether you are releasing music in the right genre. You can find the approved genres on the Beatport website.

How do I submit a label application for Beatport?

You can fill out a free application for your label for Beatport in your Feiyr account. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on “MUSIC” on the left-hand side of your Feiyr account

  2. Select the “Portals” tool underneath

  3. Below that, click on “Beatport”

  4. Now click on the “+” sign in the line and start your label application

The term for such an exclusive Beatport label listing is usually 24 months from the acceptance of the application and is automatically extended by one year at a time if it is not cancelled by registered letter with a notice period of 6 months to the end of the respective term.

Please also note your Licence agreement in your Feiyr account.
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