If you want to release your music or eBook, just follow the steps on the left menu. A successful release is not possible if you skip one of the steps.

Watch our video tutorial and learn how to sell your music.

Before you start, please read all the refusal codes in our FAQs. They provide an explanation for most common reasons for refusal and that will help you avoid any mistakes.

1. "Label" - Create a label. If you need more help, please click on the question mark that you find for all categories.

2. "Artist" - Create an artist.

3. "Tracks" - Create tracks.

4. Upload the WAV files and link them to the tracks.

5. "Bundles" - Create a bundle. "Bundle" is a digital CD and can be referred to a Maxi Single, an EP, an album or a compilation.

6. Upload a cover for your bundle (minimum size: 3000x3000 pixel).

7. Add your tracks to the bundle by clicking on "Manage bundle tracks".

8. Double check if the metadata (label, artist, tracks, bundle) are correct. After the bundle has been released they can't be changed anymore.

9. Release the bundle by clicking "Release bundle".

10. Deselect all portals where your bundle shouldn’t be released. You can’t deselect more than 20% of the portals.

11. Remove countries where your bundle should not be sold. Usually you should not remove any countries.

12. Double check all your metadata once again (this is the last time you can do it), then submit your bundle.
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