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You are not allowed to upload songs to our platform or to your account if you do not own the copyright to them. In other words, to use copyrighted material such as productions, remixes, cover versions, lyrics, and so on, you need written permission from copyright holders. Because of the vast distribution range of our service, it is almost certain that if you make unauthorized use of copyrighted material, you will run the risk of copyright infringement. As Feiyr is only a digital distributor of your songs, you have a personal responsibility to copyright holders and public authorities. In case of inquiry, we are obliged to disclose your data to third parties. In order to be sure that your data are correct, we will check your phone number and email address by giving you a call and sending you an email. For verifying your address, we send you a PIN code via post. A PayPal account or another online payment method are necessary.
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