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The musical group Zamaba was born in 2004 through the collaboration between the keyboardist and composer Giovanni Pizzi (aka Gixhouze) and the singer Biagio Volandri Verdolini. Both had already interacted together with other groups since the 1980s. The result is a mixture of electronics, dance, rock, punk, due to their previous experiences, in a form that is still difficult to include in the panorama of music classifications. Very important was the contribution of the guitarist Frank Franci, who became a permanent member of the group. Zamaba Group also makes use of other important collaborations such as that of bassist Marco Frulletti, drummer Roberto Federighi and saxophonist Alessandro Riccucci. From 2004 to 2020 the Zamaba Group only made live releases, performing live, without producing any publication. But in 2020, under the lockdown due to the pandemic caused by the Covid virus, Gixhouze, Biagio Volandri Verdolini and Frank Franci, although remotely, thanks to technology, they composed music, then deciding to publish. The album carries the title of "Trappola", a bit for the constraint of staying at home and partly also for the influence of the new Trap genre.




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